Objective of Freemasonry

The motto of Freemasonry is:

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth 

What is the object of Freemasonry:

  • Freemasonry seeks to make good men better. It encourages the practice of the moral virtues of Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice.
  • It inculcates obedience to God and observance of the Laws of the country.
  • It is committed to extend the hand of fellowship and provide Relief to those in distress.

What Freemasonry is not:

. . . it is not a religion

However, it emphasises secularism by teaching respect for and tolerance towards all religions.

. . . it is not a political party or organisation

It reminds its members of the filial affection one should always have for the land of their birth, to remain loyal to the laws of the land which, for the time being, may be the place of their residence or afford them protection.

. . . it is not a secret society

  • There is nothing secret or secretive about Freemasonry. Freemasonry does not conceal the time and place of its meeting nor does a member hide the fact of his membership.
  • Like many other Societies it regards some of its internal affairs as private matters of concern only for its members.
  • There is no secret about its aims and principles. Copies of its Constitutions and Rules can be obtained by interested members of the public from its offices.

. . . it is not a social club

However it provides the means of socialising among its members which consists of a cross section of society drawn from all walks of life who meet on an equal footing. It also involves the families of members on such social occasions.

How does Masonry get its membership:

Freemasonry does not canvass for members. The person must seek for membership of a Masonic Lodge of his own free will and accord.

He would however be provided all information he wishes to know.

Who is eligible to become a Mason:

No atheist can become a Mason. Anyone who is of good moral character and believes in the existence of Almighty God and a belief in a Supreme Being, no matter by what name He is called or what faith the person professes, is eligible.

What does Freemasonry expect from one who joins it:

  • He must understand and appreciate its high ideals and objectives and put to actual practice its motto of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.
  • Patriotism and loyalty to one's own country and the Fraternity at all times is a bounden duty.
  • It expects that a Freemason should do unto others as he would wish others would do unto him.
  • Charity is the predominant characteristic of a Freemason's heart. He is always expected to "give" to Freemasonry rather than expect to "receive" anything from it for personal benefit.
  • That he will practice outside the Lodge those duties and virtues that he is taught inside the Lodge.

Freemasonry teaches:

  • Kindness in the home
  • Love for one another
  • Courtesy in society
  • Resistance towards evil
  • Help for the weak
  • Pity and concern for the unfortunate
  • Forgiveness for the penitent
  • Fairness in work
  • Honesty in business 
  • and above all
  • Reverence and love for God