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Lodge Cochno had an excellent meeting on the third Wednesday of July 2019 with an large attendance of brethren from within and outwith the Province (including Dalkeith and Montrose) with many well-kent faces and new friends to meet. There was a very distinguished deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire headed by the Provisional Grand Master. The entered apprentice degree on the evening was very ably carried out by our Inner Guard, assisted by office bearers and with a "live" candidate. The occasion was further enhanced by the presentation of the distinguished service certificate to our Past Master and Almoner who for some reason is widely referred to as "Bro Al-dae-it"

thumbnail_BillnDavid 02.jpg
Our Almoner Bro David Peddie was far travelled when he visited Lodge Cochno's oldest Past Master Bro William Bennett at his home near Aberdeen

Bill sent his best wishes and regards to everyone at Lodge Cochno

Sadly, Bro Bill passed to the Grand Lodge Above, March 2020 aged 99 years