1st PM's Annual Dinner

A keynote moment in the lodge's history took place on the evening of Thursday 29th September when the RWM, Bro Thomas Richardson Smith hosted the 1st Annual Past Master's Dinner in the lodgeroom.

We were all delighted to welcome Bro William (Bill) Bennett PM back to the lodge after many years. Bill now lives on the periphery of Aberdeen and made the effort, specially to be back among us.

An excellent meal was enjoyed by all, followed by modest, appropriate and well delivered toasts.

Thereafter the Brethren enjoyed some humorous reminisces at the expense of some of our absent friends but rest assured no brother was humiliated in his absence.

A very enjoyable and memorable evening was had by all.

May there be many more to follow !


Front row, L to R...Bro David Peddie PM (2009/10 & 2014/15), Bro Bill Bennett PM (!974), Bro Euan Graham (1999 & 2006), Bro Tom Smith RWM (...& 2005), Bro Eddie Rae (2000), Bro Robert Ross (1980).

Middle row, L to R...Bro Robert Adams (1968), Bro Ian Farquharson (1981), Bro Robert Donaldson (1992), Bro George Mcilroy (1987), Bro Eddie Williams (1994).

Back row, L to R...Bro Samual Bonnar (1976 & 1996), Bro Alex Eadie (2003 & 2007), Bro Alan Deans (2012), Bro Duncan McFarlane (2008 & 2011), Bro John MacQueen (1991 & 1998).

And below, Bro Euan tightens the collar of Bro Eddie Rae to force a rare smile under the watchful eye of Bro Eddie Williams.